2012 Travel South Showcase
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History & Future

Celebrating 30 Years of Travel South Showcase

Travel South USA began the first regional, domestic, computerized marketplace in 1983 to bring more group travel business to the Southern states. Twenty-nine Showcases later, the goal has not changed - provide the easiest, most efficient way for tour operators to book business in the Southern states.

The first year of the Showcase, in Tampa, Florida, about 35 tour operators joined 65 tourism suppliers to meet in one-on-one appointments. In 1992 for the first time Travel South USA began inviting international tour operators to attend Travel South Showcase. Today we have tour operators from 32 states, Canada and other international locations. In 1998 editorial media began keeping appointments on the Showcase floor to learn more about Southern destinations.

Past Showcase host cities:    

1983 Tampa, FL
1984 Little Rock, AR
1985 Louisville, KY
1986 Virginia Beach, VA
1987 Orlando, FL
1988 Memphis, TN
1989 New Orleans, LA
1990 Atlanta, GA 
1991 Winston-Salem, NC
1992 Birmingham, AL

1993 Little Rock, AR
1994 Nashville, TN
1995 Atlanta, GA
1996 Myrtle Beach, SC
1997 Louisville, KY
1998 Gulfport/Biloxi, MS 
1999 Greensboro, NC
2000 Charleston, SC
2001 New Orleans, LA
2002 Hot Springs, AR

2003 Savannah, GA
2004 Mobile, AL
2005 Memphis, TN 
2006 Richmond, VA
2007 Myrtle Beach, SC 
2008 Biloxi, MS
2009 Kissimmee, FL 
2010 Birmingham, AL
2011 Atlanta, GA

Future Showcase host cities:

2012 Louisville, Kentucky - March 4-7, 2012
2013 Little Rock, Arkansas - February 17-20, 2013

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